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We are an interactive site.  Leave some feedback on our site of your favourite venue, food or shop, this information will be useful for other coeliacs.  A review by coeliacs for coeliacs is invaluable and we want to hear what you have to say.  We provide a trustworthy source of information where users, both business and consumers, can trust the integrity of our content.  We take the worry out of decision making when it comes to finding suitable food.

There are some shining beacons of hope in Ireland where you go into the Restaurant or Hotel and menus are clearly marked and/or staff are knowledgeable and it’s no big deal that you just want a meal without gluten.  These places have a vast array of choice that you find it difficult choosing.  There are also some great places to eat that use naturally gluten free food to produce amazing meals and even though the menu may not be signposted as suitable for coeliacs, there is no problem finding something to eat.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you are out.  Have a look at my guide for eating out on the site.