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It’s a beautiful Spring day in Dublin, definitely one of our warmest this year.  The temperature on my car was hitting 17 degrees centrigade, which is a blessing so early on in April.

My inspiration for my dinner tonight, was a simple one.  I was shopping this morning and spotted this:

Fresh Basil Naturally Gluten Free


I love the freshness that Basil gives to a meal.  I bought this in Lidl for €1.49. It’s now happily sitting on my windowsill for multiple uses during the week.  I was wondering what I could put with this as Mr Coeliacpages wasn’t home for dinner and I wanted something quick to cook.  So, I opted for Salmon.  It’s one of my favourite fish meals.  I roast it in the oven at 180 for no more than 10 minutes.  I hate salmon that is overcooked and has lost that beautiful softness.

Salmon - naturally gluten free


I simply dotted some butter along with salt and pepper before putting into the pre-heated oven.

When the salmon went into the oven I boiled the  kettle to pour onto the frozen petite pois.  These cook in less than two minutes, so I quickly prepared the salad and a bit of basil to put through the peas that I lightly crushed with a potato masher.

I love a good salad dressing.  One of my favourite finds is ‘Mary Berry’s’.  It has the right amount of sweetness and pepper for my taste.


Gluten Free Salad Dressing by Mary Berry

Mary Berry’s Gluten Free Salad Dressing


This is a dinner that is prepared really quickly and has a nice lightness but yet filling.

Roast Salmon with Basil Crushed Peas - Naturally Gluten Free


Sometimes, food that is naturally gluten free,  is as quick to cook as any other convenience food.  I had prep, cooking and serving completed in 20 minutes.



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