This is a useful recipe as it’s very inclusive for coeliac kids, they don’t like to feel left out or that they have to eat special food.  I do my best to cook family meals that just happen to be gluten free.

For the Fish Fingers, you can use a fillet of white fish or even salmon.  I find Cod or hake work well.  I cut the fillet into similar size pieces of a regular fish finger.   From a 250g Fillet, I can get 4  good size fish fingers.  A fishmonger will skin and pin bone fish for you.

As I cook the fish in the oven, I serve them with home-made wedges.

I power boil some potato wedges(leaving skins on) until softened, drain, toss in olive oil and put onto a hot oven tray.  These normally take 45-55 minutes, depending on size.  Season to taste.


250g Fillet will serve 2 small kids or one adult.

Couple of generous tablespoons of gluten free flour, I use Doves white flour mix.

A beaten Egg

2-3 slices or of gluten free bread made into breadcrumbs or you can now buy gluten free crumbs.

I oven bake these as it’s healthier than deep frying.


Heat your oven to 190 degrees Centigrade for  fan oven.  When the potatoes are in, prepare the fish

Cut your fillet into whatever size you want your fish fingers to be.  Cut the opposite way that your fish will flake, otherwise they will disintegrate when cooked.

Dip each finger into the flour, followed by egg, then roll in the breadcrumbs.  If doing a few you can bulk the egg out with some milk.

I put them onto non-stick tin foil and give them a spray from the fry light cooking oil, gives them a crunchy coating and helps cooking process.  They will cook in under 8-10 minutes, just keep an eye on them.  If you have them made early, pop them in the fridge as this helps the coating stick.

I serve the wedges and fish fingers with some steamed vegetables, or the kids favourites, beans!

Getting the kids involved in dipping the fish, often encourages them to eat them when cooked


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