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I regularly go to the gym and do interval training which is a mixture of cardio and weights.  My favourite post gym breakfast is Greek Yoghurt with fruit and a squirt of honey or agave syrup.  Agave Syrup is a naturally sweet product that doesn’t spike your insulin and is low GI

Gluten Free Breakfast

Gluten Free Breakfast idea


Greek yoghurt has a higher protein content and this means, to me, that I stay fuller for longer.  I never bore of this breakfast as you can add so many different sorts of fruit.

There is currently a precautionary boil notice on frozen berries in Ireland, so if you are using those, ensure you adhere.  This doesn’t have to impact the flavour.  I put them in a pan with only a tablespoon of water.  If I use frozen blueberries, a nice pinch of cinnamon adds good flavour.

Gluten Free Breakfast - boiled frozen blueberries

Gluten Free Breakfast – boiled frozen blueberries

Of course I eat other breakfasts.  Keep an eye out for homemade gluten free granola and cooked breakfasts.  Recipes coming soon.


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