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Gluten Free Beef Chilli Casserole is a really good recipe to have around.  It’s one that I easily scale up if we’re having a get together at home.  It’s convenient as it can be cooked the day before, in fact it’s even better if you do and also, there aren’t too many ingredients.  It can also be easily adapted into a gluten free chilli con carne recipe, just add some gluten free cumin and some kidney beans.  I brown the meat in a heavy cast iron casserole dish and let it slow cook on the hob for a minimum of three hours.


800g Stewing Beef – This is the size I buy from my butcher.  Below ingredients are based on this quantity

Red Chilli to taste – I usually put 2-3 minimum, including seeds.

1 Onion – I exclude this and it still tastes brilliant.

1 Red Pepper

2 x 400ml Tins of Tomatoes

Tomato Concentrate

3-4 cloves of garlic

2 Bay Leaves

1 Rich Beef Knorr Stock Pot – Gluten Free


Cut your stewing beef into bite size pieces.

Gluten Free Chilli Beef Casserole


Brown the meat over a very high heat with a little oil, until it has turned that beautiful caramel colour.  Make sure you sear and don’t stew the meat at this stage so divide into a couple of batches if necessary for browning.  When the meat has browned, add in the pepper, garlic, onion and chilli’s.  I always taste a small piece of raw chilli before deciding how much to add to the casserole, it’s the only way that I can judge the heat.  Cook for a few minutes, stirring regularly.

Gluten Free Chilli Beef Casserole


Add in your tomato concentrate as this needs to cook out for a few minutes.  Following which, add in your tins of tomatoes and refill one of these to at least halfway with water and add this to the casserole.  Add the bay leaves, seasoning and also a pinch of sugar.  When cooking with tinned tomatoes the sugar cuts through the tartness.  Bring to a gentle boil and reduce the heat to very low and simmer for at least three hours.  Make sure that you stir it occasionally to prevent it from catching on the pan.

This can be served with a number of side dishes.  For example, baked potato, sweet potato chips, or potato wedges.  Then there are the usual accompaniments such as soured cream, grated cheese or guacamole.

Gluten Free Chilli Casserole

This will easily store in the fridge for a few days and can be enjoyed as leftovers.  I had mine later in the week again and ate it with re-heated left over potato wedges.  I always cook enough so that I can have a night off cooking.

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